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PROJECT / Exploring the future of water in France with Explore 2070

Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and energy (MEDDE) - 04/08/2015 Tag Tags : Modelling, Climate Change , Forecasting
Integrated water management and funding

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Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and energy (MEDDE)

City, Country: France


French partner submitting the project description: Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and energy (MEDDE)

Project Owner: Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and energy (MEDDE)


French partners:  BRGM, BIOTOPE, Irstea, Météo France, KPMG, Actéon, IOWater, BRL Ingénierie, BIPE, ARMIN ES, Asconit, Sogreha, Metroeconomica, Water Agencies and ONEMA


Dates of project: 2010-2012


A few words on the project…

The aim of this program is to assess the impact of climate change on water resources in France for the 2050-2070 period and to draw up and evaluate adaptation strategies.


Background or General project description

Climate change is genuine phaenomenon but its impacts are not yet well known, especially at the local and regional levels. It is particularly true for the water resources. The project responds to this lack of knowledge and also brings forecasts concerning the resources.

French Expertise

The Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy works on climate-related issues among others.

The project consists of understanding the social, economic and environmental impact of climate change in the water sector based on a systemic analysis integrating the results of the five topics studied: surface water hydrology, groundwater hydrology, aquatic ecosystems, coastal water and forecasting.

A systemic integrative model was developed at the national scale in order to match water supply (aquifer flow and replenishment rates) with water demand (various user sectors; aquatic environments) for the 2050-2070 period. This model takes into account the impacts of climate change as well as demographic changes and developments in the various sectors that use water, while opening up discussions on the adaptation of these sectors.

This highly innovative program centered on four major concrete issues for water resources:

  • matching supply and demand for water;
  • vulnerability of aquatic ecosystems;
  • risk to coastal water;
  • extreme events.

It is a comprehensive program that covers everything from assessment to forecasting and plays a role in supporting discussions on adaptation:

For the purposes of assessment, "water balances" are developed for each basin at the scale of more than a hundred catchment areas, taking stock of water abstraction and resources.

For the purposes of forecasting, three major adaptation strategies were assessed by varying parameters such as network efficiency or cultivated areas: 1) water savings, 2) intermediate adaptation strategy and 3) increased water needs.


Strengths of project

Explore 2070 is the result of multi-actor, multi-topic, collaborative efforts to share scientific results with decision-makers. These results make it possible, among other things, for water Agencies to incorporate the impacts of climate change in the future Water Development and Management Master Plans (SDAGEs) and, more broadly, in the basins’ initiatives and discussions on adaptation to climate change.

These long-term, integrated forecasting efforts are highly innovative and conducted on a national scale.

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