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PROJECT / Environmental engineering applied to aquatic environments : the Phytoret project (France and Germany)

Water resources and aquatic ecosystems

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Scientific and Technical for Water and the Environment association (ASTEE)

City, Country: Rhine Basin, France/Germany


French partner submitting the project description: Scientific and Technical for Water and the Environment association (ASTEE)


Project Owners: The hydrology and geochemistry laboratory of Strasbourg (University of Strasbourg ENGEES ; CNRS), the Institute for Hydrology in Freiburg and the University of Luneburg in Germany


French partners: The Rhin Meuse Water Agency, the Alsace Region, the Rouffach high school, ONEMA...

Foreign partners : European Union, Universität Freiburg, Institut für Hydrologie, Universität Freiburg, Institut für Umweltmedizin und Krankenhaushygiene...


Dates of project: 2011-2013



A few words on the project…

The aim of the PhytoRET project is to preserve  surface water by reducing pesticide levels to achieve the good ecological status of water set by the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD).

Background or General project description

The project fits within a regional context of long-term protection of the Rhine aquifer and the Rhine from pollution caused by pesticide residues in surface water.


French Expertise

PhytoRET aims to understand the behavior of pesticides used on crops (maize, sugar beet and vines), from the point of application to areas downstream, where the waste is transferred. Laboratory studies of the degradation process should contribute to the understanding of remediation measures that take place in specific areas such as artificial wetlands serving as buffer zones (such as storms landscaped ponds).


The project developed actions :

- Tests of the most effective ecological extensive processes to facilitate pesticide degradation.

- Implementation of results for a sustainable use of water retention structures.

- Definition of methods for managing water retention structures by bringing together the relevant actors, local government entities in the Rhine basin, environmental professionals scientists, etc.


The Phytoret project is presented in the collective work overseen by ASTEE (Scientific and Technical for Water and the Environment association) and supported by ONEMA : "Environmental Engineering : Why and How?" By drawing on a variety of experiences, this work, which is intended for decision-makers involved in the management of water and aquatic environments, helps to clarify the concepts and practices of the new field of environmental engineering.

Available for download : http://www.astee.org/en/production/ingenierie-ecologique-appliquee-aux-milieux-aquatiques-pourquoi-comment/


Strengths of project

The Phytoret project is a multi-actor success story developing the innovative envionmental engineering principles.


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