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Water for All Chair (OpT)

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French partner submitting the project description: Agroparistech

Project Owners: Agroparistech, SUEZ environnement

French partners:  SUEZ environnement Initiatives Fund, French Agency for Development (AFD), the Water Agencies


Dates of project: 2009



A few words on the project…

The Chair is developing a research program and has created a "Water for All" Executive Master’s degree program. The aim is to train leaders and reinforce the skills of executive managers in water and sanitation urban utilities in developing and transitional countries


Background or General project description

Strengthening the skills of leaders and operational managers identified by local operators to support change and improve services within the urban perimeter of a capital city or a secondary city in their country is crucial for developement. The students and actors come from developing, emerging and transition countries.


French Expertise

The Executive Masters programme OpT aims to enhance the trainees’ managerial skills and particularly, to give them the expertise to:

  • diagnose their services and elaborate strategies that allow them to reach excellence in technical, social and financial objectives
  • guide change in private or state-owned companies, through sustainable management methods
  • define and then manage reform in their department or country

OpT combines:

  • lecturers who are internationally recognised professionals with at least 10 years’ experience in the field
  • students training in fostering change when they return to the company. As a managemen leader, they will put their newly acquired skills to work for the company and in the field
  • networking between services, lecturers, tutors and trainees accross countries to promote future professional exchanges

The programme takes place over a period of 18 months, with a form of occupational training.

Individual work assignment : the trainee will have to conduct a 3 phase study on a service chosen with his/her Direction : diagnostic, forecasting and strategic plan, operational plan of action.

It requires that the trainee has to return twice to his country inside the designated service.

Strengths of project

The project aims to local capacity building and has some results to show :

Since its creation in 2008, 119 managers from 32 countries and four continents (Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe) were trained by more than 120 teaching staff and coaches from SUEZ environnement and other French companies.

Nearly 90 cities are now equipped with more than 70 strategic action plans drawn up for periods of 15 to 20 years.

These plans represent an annual distribution of 900 million m3 and are projected to increase to two billion m3 by 2035 based on the expected rates of urban growth for these continents. This transfer of knowledge improves water management for more than 35 million residents. Given the strength of this success, the partnership has been renewed for another six years.


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