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PROJECT / Decentralized cooperation initiative by the Grand Lyon métropole in the Haute Matsiatra region in Madagascar

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Grand Lyon Métropole

City, Country: Matsiatra region, Madagascar


French partner submitting the project description: Grand Lyon Métropole

French partners: Rhône-Méditerranée-Corse Water Agency, National School for Public Works in Lyon,

Foreign partners: International Association of Francophone Mayors (AIMF),  University of Fianarantsoa



Dates of project: since 2006




A few words on the project…



Background or General project description


In a region where half of the population has no access to drinking water, the Grand Lyon Métropole has been working alongside its partners since 2006 to facilitate access to drinking water and sanitation and to help towns in the region of Haute Matsiatra to shoulder their responsibilities for the management of drinking water and sanitation services.


French Expertise

The french stakeholders and their local partners have implemented comprehensive solutions in order to guide the region’s towns so that they can assume their role in the planning and execution of works under the community development plans for water and sanitation (PCDEA) and foster the creation of public water services.

These comprehensive solutions are the following:

  • Supporting the development of new projects to provide access to drinking water and sanitation ;
  • Establishing technical services in partner towns to meet various goals in terms of maintenance, water quality, raising users’ awareness, collection, etc. ;
  • Strengthening towns’ capacities by organizing training programs in partnership with the region of Haute Matsiatra and the inter-regional administration of the Ministry of Water in Madagascar ;
  • Developing a computer-based tool to map the region’s water resources in order to arbitrate between users. In Haute Matsiatra, conflicts can arise between rice farmers and ordinary consumers of drinking water.

A number of accomplishments have been achieved to date :

  • Six water and sanitation supply systems were created in six towns, benefiting 10,000 users ;
  • Training the actors of today and tomorrow in the water sector ;
  • Completion of nine community development plans for water and sanitation (PCDEA) ;
  • Support for the identification of eleven water and sanitation infrastructure projects (sanitary facilities, hand-washing basins, water supply systems, etc.) ;
  • Development of a mapping tool.


Strengths of project

This project is based on cooperation between local and foreign actors, which helps ensuring the local appropriation and support. The project is consolidated thanks to a "capacity building" approach which ensure its resilience.


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