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PROJECT / National call for projects "Innovations and changing practices: reduction of chemical micropollutants in urban water"

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Title of Project: National call for projects « Innovations and changing practices: reduction of chemical

micropollutants in urban water

City, Country: France, National process / 13 selected projects in France (continental and overseas territories)

French partner submitting the project description: The National Agency for Water and Aquatic Environments (Onema)

French partners: Project leader and partners (public bodies that deal with innovation, small and medium-sized companies, research laboratories, design offices, industries, craft industries, citizens and aquatic environments).

Financiers/ Donors: French Ministry of the Environment, The National Agency for Water and Aquatic Environments (Onema), Water Agencies, in partnership with the French Ministry of Health.

Dates of project: call for projects 2013/2014, the 13 projects 2015/2018


A few words on the project…

Faced with the growing problem of micropollutants (medicine residues, cosmetics, detergents, pesticides, hydrocarbons, metals, nanoparticules) in urban water, a call for projects was launched by French authorities, to encourage innovative processes by public bodies in partnership with research and small and medium-sized companies.

onema appel à projet micropolluants

Background or General project description

Finding innovative solutions tested in real conditions, making scientists, industrial decision-makers and managers work together. Emphasis is placed on prevention at source, with social and political aspects being taken into account, as well as technological questions.

French Expertise

The call for projects was implemented by French authorities, to involve as many participants as possible in a specific subject, with a specific timing. This was made possible thanks to a national communication plan and a financing (about 10 million euros) complementary on a national level (Onema) and a local level (Water Agencies). The financial risk-sharing allows the development of truly innovative projects, integrated and multidisciplinary,with tests in real conditions.

The urban micropollutants subject/topic will be studied by the 13 “Research, Development and Innovation” projects. These projects are led by consortia compounded by all stakeholders (polluted territories, population, polluters, researchers, cleaners). As these projects are multiannual, they can be integrated and compounded with different aspects (diagnosis, metrology, prevention at source, treatment, public information, changing practices, governance…). The innovative aspect is essential, which is why the projects deal with real and concrete problems for the territories.

Strengths of project

 For the call for projects : the involvement of the institutional organizers, the will of politicians, French water participants involved, the precise timing which allows the carrying out of several projects at the same time and their networking, and the important public subsidies.

For the 13 selected projects: multi-disciplinary projects, with several partners, integrated (diagnosis, prevention at source, treatment, metrology, changing practices, sociology, governance…) and tested in real conditions. The projects will be evaluated on “cost/effectiveness” performance. Their experiences and results will be shared at a national level.

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Download : Présentation du projet en français