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PROJECT / Shangai-Pudong : twelve years of innovation

VEOLIA - 04/07/2015 Tag Tags : innovation, Smart grids , PPP
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City, Country: Shanghaï, China


French partner submitting the project description: VEOLIA

Project Owner: VEOLIA



Dates of project:



A few words on the project…

VEOLIA is addressing the challenges of demographic growth in the city of Shanghai, which has seen its population double over five years in order to provide drinking water and sanitation services to its  23 million current residents.


Background or General project description

Pudong exemplifies the demographic expansion that characterizes our century. Each week, one million people move to China’s large cities, which account for 2% of the planet’s surface but represent 75% of energy consumption. The main challenge is to provide drinking water and sanitation services, which are essential services, in a sustainable way which includes saving water and energy in water related process.

New technologies are a way to contribute to these combined goals.


French Expertise

In Pudong, VEOLIA implements the most innovative technology in drinking water network management to serve over 3.6 million people under a public-private partnership with the Pudong water service. The partnership manages the entire drinking water system for this financial and commercial district.

VEOLIA implemented the latest generation of treatment technology, a real-time monitoring of 4,470 kilometers of network and created an ultra-modern water movement control center...the list of innovations goes on and on.

The water movement control center in Pudong benefits from the latest network management tools. It can monitor the 4,470 kilometers of the drinking water distribution network on a 24h basis thanks to 400 measuring instruments which locate and visualize leaks and pollutions.

The Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) completes this program. With just a few clicks, the operators in charge of the network can access 3D views of all facilities and corresponding data. These operators supply to the VEOLIA client data on the time of interventions, team location, images of the progress of maintenance carried out on works and emergency management activites at any time.


Strengths of project

VEOLIA’s innovation implemented in Pudong allow to provide essential services while optimizing process and energy consumption.


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