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PROJECT / Integrated reconstruction, urban development and economic development project for the Christ Roi district

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Title of Project: Integrated reconstruction, urban development and economic development project for the Christ Roi district

City, Country: Port-au-Prince, Haiti


French partner submitting the project description: Solidarités International (SI)

French partners: Architectes de l’Urgence (Emergency Architects Foundation), Entrepreneurs of the World, and GRET


Dates of project: January 2013 - December 2015



A few words on the project…

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is targeting first and foremost the urban areas of Port-au-Prince affected by the 2010 earthquake, in order to help victims return to their neighbourhoods. Following the pilot programme implemented in the district of Bristout-Bobin, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is currently working in partnership with GRET and Entrepreneurs du Monde in Christ Roi.



The greatest challenges facing the population are linked to infrastructure: existing infrastructures are damaged and insufficient in number. Hygiene conditions are particularly precarious, at both individual (hygiene, access to drinking water) and district (public drainage, waste collection) levels. The district also suffers from huge shortages in terms of housing and access to basic services.


French Expertise 

SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL (SI) has worked since 2010 in the Christ Roi district, where post-earthquake emergency activities were put in place to assist populations in sites for displaced persons. Since 2011, sustainable interventions within the framework of an emergency reconstruction and development-based approach have been implemented in order to help displaced people return to the district.

The aim of the project is to make sustained improvements to living conditions in the Christ Roi district. Housing and access to core services are the primary challenges. Sanitary conditions in the area are particularly fragile at the individual level (sanitation ; access to drinking water) as well as the district level (public drainage systems ; waste collection). Solidarités International supports and coordinates the reconstruction, urban and economic development activities in the district. A development plan and a sanitation plan were drawn up and form a framework for setting up activities.



Strengths of project

Thanks to a community-based approach, which was used to facilitate the validation of each step of the project and ensured that it was widely accepted by residents, it has been possible to identify the project’s true needs. The  close ties developed with the Haitian authorities were also one of the primary guarantees of the success of this multi-stakeholder project.



More information

http ://www.solidarites.org/fr/nos-missions/haiti/notre-action