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PROJECT / Piloting of a decentralized safe water access solution dedicated to emergency and natural catastrophes through a pre-trained community based Immediate Response Team (IRT)

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Title of Project:

Piloting of a decentralized safe water access solution dedicated to emergency and natural catastrophes through a pre-trained community based Immediate Response Team (IRT)

City, Country: Bangladesh


Organization submitting the project description: Aquasure SAS


French partners: Aquasure SAS ; Action Against Hunger

Foreign partners: Ministry of Local Government of Bangladesh ; Department of Public Health and Engineering (DPHE) of Bangladesh

 Financiers/ Donors: French Ministry of Finance - FASEP funds


Dates of project: 2013



A few words on the project…


Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries regarding floods, natural disasters and consequences of global warming, the project involved the installation of 110 Immediate Response Teams (IRT), decentralized community tool for maintaining access to safe drinking water in remote and / or prone to flooding and natural disasters communities.

Local capacities have been strengthened to maximize access to safe drinking water in the most vulnerable areas.

This multi-stakeholder project was conducted in partnership with Aquasure, the Government of Bangladesh and the French NGO Action Against Hunger.


Background or General project description


In a “average year”, about quarter of Bangladesh is flooded. In the coming years, climate change may increase the number and power of floods, typhoons and other natural disasters, and with them the risk of waterborne diseases. The poorest people are often the most vulnerable. In case of flooding, access to safe drinking water is one of the most critical factors, it must be maintained despite extreme conditions, even in most remote places, on short notice.

In the context of a vast and densely populated country, Governmental actors and NGOs are looking for decentralized and community-based solutions, with simple efficient and easy to use technology. Action contre la Faim (ACF) works in Bangladesh since 2007 and brings expertises and response concerning risk and disaster management and water, sanitation and hygiene. Responding to the Ministry of Local Governments’ needs, Aquasure and ACF worked together so that local populations appropriate a straightforward water purification technology, effective and easy to use.


French Expertise

The Aquasure solution is based on an innovative technology (simple, fast, flexible) and on its field implementation mode via community-based Immediate Response Teams (IRT).

These IRT are a unique concept that provides a decentralized and community-based response for immediate restoration of access to safe drinking water.

The Aquasure water treatment tablet is unique, it has the special feature to reproduce traditional water treatment process in two steps by the mean of a sequenced double action: firstly clarification of turbid water, secondly disinfection of clarified water.The Aquasure mobile water treatment unit is a 50Kg trunk, a complete set of equipment needed to pump, treat and distribute water, including a bucket of 150 treatment tablets, equivalent to 30.000 litre of safe drinking water. It is fast and easy to implement in the field, with a grate mobility and adaptability.



Strengths of project:


More than 135 IRT are now operational in 13 districts among most exposed to natural disasters and floods. Their deployments in the field already allow to supply safe drinking water to more than 130,000 people from the very first hours.

Pre-positioning of these units at the community level in areas the most exposed to natural disasters and floods and early training of operator allow to involve local populations and ensure immediate response.


More information: http://www.aquasure.fr/spip.php?rubrique68





Download : More about : Aquasure Tablette Presentation & Description du projet en francais