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PROJECT / SCAMPIS - Development of micro-irrigation systems

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Title of Project: SCAMPIS - Development of micro-irrigation systems

City, Country: Central highlands and east coast, Madagascar


French partner submitting the project description: Agronomists and Veterinarians Without Borders - AVSF

Project Owner: Agronomists and Veterinarians Without Borders - AVSF 

Foreign partners: Fafafi (NGO), OP CDAM (Agricultural Development Center of Manjakan Driana)

Financiers/ Donors: Coopernic, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), French Agency for Development (AFD)


Dates of project: 2009-2012



A few words on the project…

Marketgardening is an activity that requires a lot of water on which the livelihood of entire communities in Madagascar depends. Climate change, amongst other barriers specific to that country, threatens water availability and therefore this activity, with consequences on employment, poverty, food security and social stability. Stake-holders must adapt.

AVSF support these communities’ adaptation path thgrough implementing micro-irrigation technics and helping developing them.


Agronomists and Veterinarians Without Borders works to promote marketgardening in eight districts in the central highlands and in two districts on the east coast of Madagascar in order to strengthen the population’s resilience to climate change. These districts gather 16% of the country farm households.

The aim is to meet the double challenge of :

- designing and spreading low cost irrigation kits

- establishng a local network of artisans manufacturers and distributors

This two action lines are meant to ensure sustainable practices’ diffusion, an after-sales service allowing a robust economic sector that strenghten employment and therefore climate resilience. 


French Expertise

Farmers are equipped with low-cost micro-irrigation kits that are helping them saving water, improving production efficiency and sanitary quality (potential water contaminents are not dispersed on products). Micro-irrigation also avoids adverse effects such as nutrients’ leaching, soil compaction, development of disease...

Each kit includes a removable reservoir which is a plastic bag connected to a ramps (PVC pipe) on which flexible hoses running through the plant bed are connected. This hoses are fitted with small valves allowing to control the flow and drippers bringing water drops at the base of plants.


Strengths of project

• The expansion of drip irrigation kits manufacturing allows local populations to be included in the project and will contribute positively to the local economy. Its is an inclusive "win-win project" ;

• Micro-irrigation allows for higher yields over larger tracts of land, resulting in water savings ;

• It better protects soil and the environment and thus has a potential to mitigate soil damage.



More information : www.avsf.org




Download : Voir la fiche-projet en français