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PROJECT / Concerted effort around the Sarrans dam

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Title of Project: 
Energy-Water : Concerted effort around the Sarrans dam 

City, Country: Aveyron Department, France


French partner submitting the project description: Electricité de France (EDF)


French partners: Electricité de France (EDF), the French government, Institutional actors, tourist offices, activity providers, accommodation providers, hiking federations

Dates of project: April - October 2014


 A few words on the project…

From April to October 2014, EDF conducted a full technical examination of the Sarrans hydropower dam by draining all water from the reservoir (the 8th largest reservoir in France), which extends over the departments of Cantal and Aveyron.



In the 30’s, the Sarrans site was the most important civil engineering project in Europe and its power plant produced 15% of the French electricity. 

The year 2014 marked the 80th anniversary of the power plant being commissioned.


  French Expertise


EDF and local decision-makers set up three groups to work on these subjects, gathering around thirty relevant actors. The concerted efforts of local actors resulted in innovative solutions for improving water quality, improving living conditions for fish, protecting wildlife habitat and supporting economic development and tourism.

An information campaign helped the residents of the departments of Cantal and Aveyron to gain a sense of ownership in the initiative, which they turned into a local event.


  Strengths of project

- Participative approach

- Multistakeholder dialogue

- Promotion of local ownernship


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