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PROJECT / IWRM project in the Dong Nai Basin (Vietnam)

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Providing an approach for the integrated management of water resources (IMWR) in the Dong Nai basin that can be replicated in the country’s other catchment areas.




Title of Project: Integrated water resource management project in the Dong Nai basin (Vietnam)

City, Country: Vietnam

French partner submitting the project description: Asconit Consultants

Project Owner: Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment 

Project Coordinator: International Office for Water (OiEau)

French partners: Asconit Consultants, International Office for Water (OiEau), SCE, EnvirOconsult

Financiers/ Donors : French Ministry of Economy, Finances and Employment, and the French Loire­Brittany and Seine­Normandy Water Agencies 


Dates of project: March 2010 - March 2012


 Background or General project description

The Dong Nai river basin represents 17% of Vietnam’s surface area and extends over 11 provinces in the northern Mekong Delta, a region recognized as one of the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. As part of the integrated water resource management project in the Dong Nai basin, which was coordinated by OIEau, ASCONIT Consultants conducted a pre-feasibility study to set up a water quality monitoring system for the river.


  French Expertise

 In compliance with the French­ Vietnamese agreements on water, the Dong Nai Basin pilot project aims to provide MONRE with : ­

- A national institutional support financed by the French Loire­Brittany and Seine­ Normandy Water Agencies (400,000 €), implemented by IOWater with the expertise of the French Water Agencies. ­

- Assistance to the development of Dong Nai management plan and surface water monitoring, financed by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment (800,000 €). It is implemented by SCE (pilot management plan) and Asconit Consultants (monitoring).

The key actions of this project included :  

- A training/coaching plan for the national teams in charge of coordinating the preparation of management plans. A first workshop on IWRM was followed by sectoral workshops ad ­ dressing sectoral policy ma kers (agriculture, regulation of water regime and hydro ­ power, industry and management of domes tic water services).

- An analysis of water data on the Dong Nai Basin, existing in the various national and regional institutions, with the development of a catalogue of shared data sources (metadata database).

- An overall evaluation of the monitoring means and devices existing in Vietnam and in the Dong Nai Basin, by checking their compliance with national policy requirements.

- Finally, the structuring of the Vietnamese DWRPIS (Division for Water Resour ­ ces Planning and Investigation of South Vietnam) team in charge of preparing the pilot mana gement plan.


  Strengths of project

Gaining a better understanding of the quality and management of water is a necessity in a region that is vulnerable to climate change.
The proposed solution consisted of a framework program for monitoring water quality. The aim was to move beyond the fragmented management approach for existing networks that is used currently. Forty-five monitoring stations were proposed in addition to the 102 existing stations.


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