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PROJECT / Franco-Chinese cooperation on the pilot project in the Hai River basin and the Zhou River sub-basin

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Title of Project: Franco-Chinese cooperation on the pilot project in the Hai River basin and the Zhou River sub-basin

City, Country: Tianjin, China


French partners: Seine-Normandie Water Agency,  International Office for Water (IOWater) , Greater Paris Sanitation Authority (SIAAP), and the Local public basin institution of Seine Grands Lacs (EPTB Seine Grands Lacs)

Technical coordinator : International Office for Water 

Foreign partners: Hai River Water Conservancy Commission, Water Board of the City of Tianjin and Hebei Province

Financiers/ Donors : Seine-Normandie Water Agency 



 A few words on the project…

The Hai River Basin, which covers 318,000 km2 and four provinces (Hebei, Shanxi, Henan, Inner Mongolia) and two large municipalities (Beijing and Tianjin), was selected to develop a pilot 4-year project. It especially aims to test the application in China of some mechanisms for basin management, water pollution control and eco - system protection, used in France since the 1964 Act, which created the Water Agencies.



 Untreated wastewater and agricultural nonpoint source pollution put at risk the pilot Zhou River basin and the drinking water supply of Tianjin, the country’s 4th largest city. It was therefore time to take stock of the situation, to set up a group to coordinate the management of water and to produce a relevant action plan to improve water quality in the basin.

 ________________________________________________________________________________________  French Expertise

 Since then, 10 technical missions have been carried out by French experts from partner organizations. These missions have made it possible to move forward in the implementation of the three objectives set, i.e., production of a technical report on the quantitative and qualitative state of the resource, creation of a group to coordinate management of the basin water, including as wide a range as possible of local authorities (those responsible for water, the environment, agriculture, industry) and the production of a management plan including recommendations for actions to be implemented. 


 Strengths of project

The Seine-Normandie Water Agency, the International Office for Water, the Paris Urban Area Wastewater Treatment Union and the River Basin Territorial Public Body of Seine Grands Lacs gathered together to offer their Chinese colleagues an extensive range of tools including a WFD (Water Framework Directive) planning method, water development and management plans and training on technical subjects such as ecological engineering and the calculation of concentration and mass balance.

The first two project phases were highly successful and are a testament to French know-how, which made it possible to coordinate multiple players and provide an integrated solution.

This Franco-Chinese cooperation began in 2011 and will assume its full scope in 2015 with recommendations for concrete actions that will only need to be implemented.


 More information (link to project webpage)