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PROJECT / “Water Aid Program : Services’ sanitation & water management in Africa which aims at applicating ISO standards

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Mairie d'Orléans

Title of Project: Water Aid Program : Services’ sanitation / water management in Africa, supported by Ps-Eau which aims at applicating ISO standards in Africa 


City, Country: Benin, Parakou

French partner submitting the project description: City of Orléans

Project Owner: City of Parakou

French partners: pS-Eau, City of Orléans

Foreign partners: City of Parakou, Local State Water Direction, Local Coordination of Hygiene and basic waste management, Water and Waste management Aid Program, SONEB (national water supplier), NGO’s and representants of decentralized States’institutions.

Financiers/ Donors : City of Parakou, City of Orléans, French Local Public Institution, French Foreign Ministry.

The global budget for 2010-2015 is 63 750 € (39 750 € for 2010-2012 and 24 000 € for 2013-2015).


Dates of project: 2010 - 2015


A few words on the project…

 This project was developed within the decentralized cooperation programs of 2010-2012 and 2013-2015 between the cities of Orléans, France and Parakou, Benin.

The aim of the project is to develop access to drinking water and sanitation in Parakou by applying ISO standards (24510, 24511, and 24512) fixed by the Worldwide Health Organization (W.H.O.) and according to the Ps-eau established methodology. 



  • Promote access to drinking water and sanitation for the people of Parakou.
  • Gain external grants in order to implement action plans.
  • Enable Parakou to gain a knowledge in Ps-Eau’s project management



French Expertise


This project was launched in 2010. It is directed by the city of Parakou and the cooperant of the city of Orléans in Parakou.

As requested by Ps-Eau methodology, Parakou is working through a participative practice, by instituting:

    • A working board : The board is composed of the Local Water State Direction, the Local Coordination of Hygiene and basic Waste management, the Water and Waste management Aid Program, the SONEB (the national water supplier), NGO’s working in waste management and representants of decentralized States’ institutions. The board meets once a week. Its aim is to establish an action plan for each ISO standard. To do so, the committee develops first a city diagnostic of the waste and water management, and then it identifies problems and challenges to solve. From this work results improvement objectives, actions to be led and organized within an “action plan” at short, mid and long term.
    • An accrediting board : This second board is made of other resourceful people from decentralized States’ administrations specialized in the sector and further NGO’s. The board aims at approving the documents submitted by the working board. The accrediting board is gathering at mid-process and at the end of the process.


Among short-term priorities, some actions have already been led, such as :

    • Achievement of the PHAC document (Hygiene and sanitation Plan of the City).
    • The document leads the city to ensure a better sanitation system and a better liquid waste management from wastes issued by households.
    • Rehabilitation of some public toilets
    • To raise population’s awareness to protect the Okpara’s dam in order to save its current capacity
    • To organize the informal water selling channel (counting the actors, regular sanitary control of the water sold, etc.)
    • To create protection areas for water sources of water supply (to have these areas protected and secured)



Strengths of project

 The city of Parakou made the diagnostic and the action plan of the ISO standard 24 510. Working sessions of the board ended to a detailed action plan, the sessions were very unifying, gathering many human resources from the same sector of waste and water management.

Every member of the board knows the action plan and is able to attract external sponsors or sponsors from the directors of their own structure (in order to put into practice the action plan developed).

The city of Parakou is currently doing the same work with the ISO standard 24 511, ensuring the same methodology. The action plan should be finished in the beginning of 2015. ISO standard 24 512 will be developed in 2015 too.




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Download : Voir la fiche projet en français