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PROJECT / Design market, construction and exploitation of 10 centers in the Center North area in Burkina Faso

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Drinking water

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Title : Design market, construction and exploitation of 10 centres in the Center North area

Project leader : Vergnet Hydro SAS

Country : Burkina Faso

City : North Centre region

Beneficiaries : 70.000 people

Client : MEAHA (Ministry for Water, Hydraulics and Purification Layouts Management

Partners / Donors: French Development Agency

State of progress : in progress

A few words on the project…

The project aims at durably improving access to drinkable water (in terms of quality as well as quantity) for populations in need. Its goal is to contribute to make implementation tools of PN-AEPA operational (National Programme of Drinkable Water Purification and Supply) and at the same time to enforce the ongoing institutional reforms when it comes to drinkable water supply in rural areas in Burkina Faso.


One of the main concerns is to strengthen villages’ and Regional Direction of Water, Hydraulic and Sanitation Facilities Management’s capacities. In order to do this, we involve villages and Regional Direction in the production of works in drinkable water supply and sanitation.

At the same time, the goal is to give the construction work and management to a company specialised in hydraulics.


Strengthening capacities:

Training of villages involved in the pilot project in the North Centre region so that they can play the role of project manager: planning, setting up of water supply, ie. establishment of water price, maintenance and operating officers’ recruitment, social concertation and intermediation, activity monitoring, achievement of extension/reinforcement markets of simplified water conveyance, technical and financial management of markets.

Support to DREAHA of North Centre as representative supervisors initially and then assistance to communal supervisors:

  • preparation, launching and analysis
    • Call for tenders for the recruitment of companies in charge of drinkable water works.
    • Calls for proposals for the recruitment of design offices in charge of the application of the reform of hydraulic infrastructures’ management system.
    • Call for proposals for the recruitment of design offices in charge of supervising assistance for monitoring and daily support to set up communal water service.
  • Technical and financial monitoring  of contracts
  • Activity monitoring.

Strengths of project (100 words max.)

In the national context where safe water piped network achievement is usually a constraint for the beneficiary villages, especially when it comes to maintenance management, this market aims at putting this management in the hands of a company specialised in water sale for a 10 year period. The price of water is fixed and remains regular for the whole affermage contract period.

This programme is supposed to show the interest of putting the management of hydraulic constructions in the hands of the company that did the works with the aim of ensuring durability of investments granted by  the partner and by State.

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Download : Voir la fiche-projet en français