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INNOVATION / Biogas production with zero digestate emission

Nereus - 12/01/2014 Tag Tags : biogas
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Title : Biogas production with zero digestate emission

Country : Germany

City : Wittlich

Beneficiaries client : biogas plant - capacity 1.4 MWelec, operational

Partners / Donors : NOVAVIA, Wagner-Schaffner

Sate of progress : operational

A few words on the project…

Our mission : make existing green technologies greener !

Located in the heart of biogas plants, the new equipment NEREUS increase the annual biogas production (between 40 & 70% biogas increase), remove the main by-product (digestate) and recover fertilizer.


1.         Significantly increase the productivity of infrastructures (plants), which is today limited in autumn and winter (50-65% > 65-90%)

2.         Remove the main by-product emitted by the current processes, the digestate, whose destination is a serious problem

3.         Optimize the biogas and mineral or organic ingredients coproduction


•          The equipment ZD 1400, for biogas plants : it connects to the heart of the anaerobic digestion process and allows to increase the capacity of a biogas plant to 1.4 MW from 2.0-2.4 MW ;

•          The equipment NP 1400, for biogas plants : it is a complement to the equipment ZD 1400 and allows to extract a fertilizer rich in phosphorus and nitrogen, that can be conserved all year.

This is an innovative solution that provides sustainable competitive advantages for the industrial biogas clients.

This original process is unique, no competitor offering an equivalent system (same technology) or alternative (performance close to that of NEREUS).

Finally, this solution, protected by patents, is based on membrane technology, which is a proven and reliable technology.

Strengths of project

The business model is proven for this first market segment (ROI from 2 to 5 years at maximum) and the project evolves in a very favourable context and attractive growth markets.

With a strategy of development by case, the full scale technology has already proven reliable.

Finally, experienced partners and a network of experts are involved in this project : around our area of expertise, which is membrane filtration, we work with experts from different fields of activity (civil engineering, heating, boiler, biogas )

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Download : Présentation de l'innovation en français