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PROJECT / Eco-friendly sewage treatment plant in Beynes (Yvelines)

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Title : Eco-friendly sewage treatment plant in Beynes (78)

Country : France

City :  Beynes

Beneficiaries : City of Beynes

Client : City of Beynes

Partners : bureau d’étude Naldéo, AR Architectes

Donors : Conseil Général des Yvelines and Agence de l’Eau Seine Normandie

State of progress : inaugurated 2013

A few words on the project…

The water-treatment plant of Beynes is situated in the heart of a remarkable site. The architectural party aims at creating a dialogue with the surrounding rural space, by respecting the biological balance ready, and by integrating by its architectural and landscaped processing the building of bioclimatic exploitation operation.


The whole water-treatment plant becomes integrated into an agricultural tissue, lined by a zone of archaeological excavations in the South. The objective is to limit the view of the works since the close environment as distant, by grouping in a compact building the technical use and the use of exploitation.


The hydraulic works of process are thus implanted east of the plot of land, the side railroad networks, and 8 standing beds of reeds for the treatment of muds concentrate in the Northeast of the plot of land by basing itself with the neighbouring agricultural landscape. All the buildings and outer arrangements are designed according to the approach High environmental quality. The station also proposes an educational circuit of visit for the public. The building grouping the premises of exploitation and the technical premises, is an eco-designed bioclimatic building. The wood was used as well in structure, that bardage outside. A bioclimatic greenhouse, integrating the treatment of the air by plants, participates by thermal slowness in the heat transfer in the meeting room of the floor. Renewable energies were also operated : heat pump water / water, thermal solar panel and well with water glycolé associated with a double VMC flow. One of the objectives was the zero rejection in the plot of land of rainwaters, by the creation of vegetated roofs, a green wall, a cover of public road network in vegetated honeycombed paving stones, and of set vegetated of recycling of the rainwaters of public road networks handling the pollutions by plants. As a supplement to the wood, numerous agro-materials were used in this project : insulation in absorbent cotton of breathed cellulose and hemp, fermacell for the internal walls bardage metallic, aluminum joineries, walls in gabion. The outer arrangements were created to respect the visual and biological balance of the site, with a particular attention concerned the flora and fauna, by the selection of semi-aquatic essences and colored meadows (no irrigation and low maintenance) which allow the restoration and the biodiversity conservation, structuring the site in site with low ecological footprint.

Strengths of project

Water-treatment plant of Beynes is highlighted through an educational circuit, structured and sequenced in stages, allowing the public or the user to acquaint with remarkable points of the project, with the management of the on-site water, with the architectural and landscaped bias. Alternative techniques are implemented, and the global design of the water-treatment plant, based on the approach High environmental quality, allows substantial economies at the level of the exploitation, and particularly on the consumptions.


80 000 € are save per year for having a sludge treatment by plants.

Prize of treated water : 1,15 €/m3 against 1,70€/m3 before building that Eco-friendly sewage treatment plant.


More information

AR ARCHITECTES© associated with the city of Beynes, has won the Label « Janus de la Cité 2014 », given by the French Institute of Design, for the project Eco-friendly sewage treatment plant of in Beynes (78).




Download : Présentation du projet en français