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ADVANCITY - The sustainable cities cluster

The sustainable cities cluster

Advancity gathers more than 241 members (160 SME – EIS and 18 worldwide groups, 31 higher education institutes and 31 territorial authorities). Together, they explore the fields of innovation within 4 Strategic Committees, authentic workshops for the emergence of projects.

Two fundamental goals organize the vision of a sustainable city within our 4 committees:

- Its “decarbonisation“, that is to say the reduction of the levels of greenhouse gaz emissions linked to the city’s growth and functionning
- Its adequacy to the fundamental needs of men, women, and future children that will live in the city: the increase of housing availability is to be linked with a bigger demand for a city where it is possible to live in better conditions. This assumes:

  • a competitive city, that is to say able to produce goods or services in conditions at least equal to those in other cities or territories,
  • a creative city, that has training, teaching and research institutions and a reknown cultural offer,
  •  a friendly city, offering public spaces to make communication between people and mobility within the city easier,
  •  a consensual city, that can take into account demands from the inhabitants, regarding its organization, functionning and its “co-construction”.

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