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TENERRDIS : Energy Cluster

TENERRDIS : Energy Cluster

Tenerrdis is a new energy technology cluster aimed at bolstering the competitiveness of emerging new energy technology industries through innovation.


Tenerrdis supports new energy technology companies across France’s dynamic Rhône-Alpes region in their efforts to expand their footprint in the global carbon-free energy market. 

If these companies are to effectively seize the opportunities this growing market has to offer, they must work together across the entire value chain. 

By facilitating partnerships among businesses, research centers, education, and other organizations spanning the public and private sectors, Tenerrdis creates the collaborative ecosystem needed to foster new energy technology projects that build expertise, generate new business opportunities, and create jobs. 


Tenerrdis supports the development of new energy technologies by: 

. members expand their businesses
. existing new energy technology industries
. Promoting the cluster’s members and technological expertise internationally


Tenerrdis focuses on finding solutions to crucial challenges in the areas of energy production, storage, and management by supporting innovation in six new energy technology industries: