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The French offer to promote sustainable cities at international level by the General Commission for Sustainable Development.

Date : 06/25/2014 Tag Tags : Sustainable city, France, Urban development

The ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy publishes a 4 pages document presenting the Vivapolis initiative. It is available at the following url: Summary: At the crossroads between economic, social and environmental issues, the development of urban territories is one of the major global challenges of the 21st century, and this is particularly so in emerging countries. The promotion and the implementation of sustainable urban development at the international level is therefore an essential feature in the ecological transition that is being undertaken by the public authorities. With this purpose in mind, they provide support for the structuring of a French sustainable city offer for export via the Strategic Orientation Committee for Eco-industries (COSEI). More specifically, this desire takes the form of a strategy to federate French actors around a shared international vision of sustainable urban development and to promote their work. It is in this context that the brand Vivapolis was created, a vector for the international development of French companies in the urban development industry.