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Grenoble-Alpes Métropole

Grenoble : a city of innovation and research

Located in the heart of the Alps, Grenoble with its population of over 150.000 residents, has an international reputation as a city of innovation and research. The city supports competitiveness cluster that emphasise innovative technology and new energy resources, such as "Tenerrdis" (new and renewable energy), "Minalogic" (micro and nano technologies) and several research and experimentation centres (photovoltaic energy, hydroelectricity, smart energy, etc.).

To achieve its sustainable development objectives Grenoble has developed an integrated approach based on three complimentary strategic areas, as follows:

► The development of demonstration projects at neighbourhood level.

► The renewal and redevelopment of existing buildings.

► The construction of HQE (High Environmental Quality standard) buildings.

The presence of the Société d’Économie Mixte / Mixed Economy Company (SEM), Gaz Électricité de Grenoble (CEG) / Grenoble Gas and Electricity and the Compagnie de chauffage intercommunale de l'agglomération grenobloise (CCIAG)  / Grenoble Urban Heating Company represents a strong asset for energy planning and enables Grenoble to implement an ambitious energy saving strategy.
Indeed in 2008, Grenoble achieved a reduction in its CO2 emissions of 28.000 tonnes thanks to its urban heating unit in Villeneuve, which is the most powerful biomass heating unit in France.

Urban services also play a central role in the cooperative management of Grenoble's energy. In particular this includes : integrated thermal electricity distribution networks, energy management, dynamic water resources management and the promotion of sustainable energy resources (hydro, cogeneration, biomass, photovoltaic ...).



► Selected as part of first "Investment for the Future Programme", the GreenLys project is the largest smart grid demonstration project in France. This project in partnership with Grand Lyon is designed to equip households in the cities of Lyon and Grenoble (it will involve 1000 residents in each city, with a new type of smart electricity installation. With almost 43 million euros investment over four years (2012-2016), the "GreenLys" project will test the deployment of an innovative power grid on a large scale. This project will help to identify and quantify the added value of the smart grids and to build up a system vision. The demonstrator will involve consumers and promote the use of renewable energy installations (photovoltaic, wind, cogeneration…), electric vehicles and Linky smart meters. This project is the fruit of collaboration between the following companies in particular: ERDF, Schneider Electric, GDF Suez, Alstom, GEG, and Grenoble INP.

► Bonne eco-district is a mixed development zone located right in the heart of the city centre, created on the site of a former military barracks with a fully renovated area of 8.5 hectares. The Bonne project has three main focus:

♦ encouraging the development of bioclimate strategies in buildings design,

♦ developing a new building strategy encouraging energy efficiency,

♦ establishing innovative energy management. 

The ZAC de Bonne eco-district won the national “EcoQuartier 2009 Grand Prix”, awarded by the French government. The Bonne project is integrated within the European Union Concerto-Sesac programme.