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Grand Lyon

Lyon : a smart and sustainable city

Grand Lyon aims to contribute towards reducing the impact of economic and human activities on the environment, in particular through the implementation of an ambitious Climate Plan. Located in the Rhône-Alpes region, it has a population of over 700.000 inhabitants.

The urban area appears as a territory of innovation and Smart City experimentation. In fact to date six smart grid projects are in the process of being implemented or are undergoing tests in its area. In particular it is taking part in the pilot-phase of the "GreenLys" project, developed in partnership with the City of Grenoble and supported by ADEME in the frame of the “investments for the future programme”. One of its objectives is to reduce the city energy consumption via the ERDF "Linky" communicating meters (i.e. smart electricity meters), which can receive and send data and instructions without the physical intervention of an engineer.

Grand Lyon strategy is designed to promote the creation and development of new companies and start-ups working on developing innovative projects, through integrated services. The city is for example, promoting transition to the “economy of tomorrow”, relying mainly on the dynamism of digital industries and eco-technologies (cleantechs). Its ambition is to become a world-class region for the development of demonstration projects.

Adopting an integrated approach, Grand Lyon favours eco-design and eco-rehabilitation of buildings. For example, the "NOVEA Lyon Sustainable City" programme, a public-private partnership with Veolia, supports the introduction of new sustainable city concepts in the Greater Lyon area. NOVEA is a real source of innovation and experimentation to enhance the local community.

Grand Lyon is also focusing on the promotion of sustainable new forms of mobility and more efficient transport. Major projects are currently underway, for example :

► "Optimod'Lyon" research project aims to improve urban mobility solutions for passengers and freight by developing services able to provide extremely detailed information and manage traffic using Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS),

► The "Move in Pure" system is designed to manage the recharging of electric vehicles 100% powered by certified renewable energy sources,

► "E-Partage" project encourages vehicle sharing between companies and between employees (electric vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles…),

► "Auto-lib" electric car sharing service,

►  "Citylog" and "Freilot" European projects, etc.

The "Lyon Smart Community" demonstration project is part of the Grand Lyon energy management strategy. It is being developed in the Confluence district in the heart of Lyon and comprises several components, in particular:

► The creation of a group of positive-energy buildings, developed in partnership with the Japanese NEDO organisation and French companies.

► A Community Energy Management System (CEMS) facilitating the district’s overall energy management. The CEMS uses detailed measurements of overall energy use throughout the Confluence district in order to give urban stakeholders a global view – facilitating planning in terms of energy resources and requirements.

► Residential energy monitoring system. It comprises a set of energy measurement sensors, allowing each resident to monitor how much electricity, water and gas they are using in real time – and take action to optimise their consumption. The project also involves environmentally responsible renovation of existing buildings.

Lyon Smart Community will thus feature a relevant, complementary approach to the issues of energy efficiency, multi-modal solutions, individual responsibilities – and all the related control systems. The strength of the Lyon Smart Community demonstration lies in the combination of public and private stakeholder experience and know-how.