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SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT - Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT - Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park


Country: Chine

City: Shanghai

Client : Shanghai Chemical Industry Park

Local Partners: Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Development Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Investment Co. Ltd.

Nantong Economic Technology et Development Area Company

Progress Status: In progress


The project in a nutshell…


SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is operating the hazardous waste incineration plant as well as the sewage treatment plant of the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park. The Group has implemented circular economy loops in order to recover energy from waste and to reuse treated wastewater. In 2014, the Group associated with SCIP in order to build and operate a new treatment and energy recovery facility from hazardous waste in Nantong economic development and technological zone so to implement another circular economy loop.

What is at stake?


This project falls within China’s decision to index its economic development within a real environmental policy and to favor circular economy. First of all, energy from waste and wastewater is captured to produce thermal energy reused in other sites and businesses of the region: it enables to reduce coal consumption and, as a consequence, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the park. Second, wastewater is treated and reused in order to limit water withdrawal from the natural environment and to reduce hydric stress.

The project and its strengths


The implementation of circular economy loops within the largest Chinese industrial park allows reducing and controlling natural resources and energy consumption on-site. Moreover, the facilities operated by Suez Environnement in the park fully respect high level standards: the incineration plant is the only one in the Shanghai region to have obtained an operating license for industrial waste incineration from the State’s Administration and Environmental Protection. The sewage treatment facility has also been designed in compliance with the stringent regulations of the park. Eventually, this project is aimed at being reproduced: that is why the new treatment and recovery plant of Nantong will also be compliant with the most stringent Chinese, European and international regulations regarding emissions, safety and environment.


French distinctive features


These facilities benefit from the significant input from French research & development regarding circular economy of water, waste and energy (wastewater recycling, energy from sludge and waste, steam generation etc.). These plants demonstrate the successful exportation of waste-to-energy experiences in China, and the standardization in the field of industrial emissions regulations.

To go further…



Certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001