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~~  Coutry: Algeria

Towns : Tamanrasset-Illizi-In Salah- In Amenas-Djanet

Client : Ministère de l’Aménagement du Territoire et de l’Environnement (MATE)

Local Partner : URBACO (Agence d’urbanisme de Constantine)

Financing: Algerian Government
Regional Planning of the Algerian Deep South: the Algerian Ministry for regional planning and environment, designed a National Plan which was voted by the National Popular Assembly in 2013. Regional plans are now under way for each part of the country.
The South is seen as a priority for public policies and investments in order to attract more development, employment and population when the North is already under congestion. The regional planning for the Deep South has to create conditions in equipment, urban planning and policies to fulfill such an objective.
Challenges : The South Algerian underground has a high potential in gas (conventional and non-conventional) and minerals which should create more local employment for the youths ; a pipeline is now transferring water form Ain Salah to Tamanrasset which gives the possibility to plan the development of the city and create some villages along the pipeline; In Salah and In Amenas are developing rapidly under the pressure of oil activities and need urban planning, have to be mastered by urban planning or the creation of a new city (Ain Amenas). Arable land can be irrigated around Bordj Omar Driss, whith a new water transfer from Deb Deb, while pumping can be used elsewhere to develop agriculture.  Insecurity on the borders and the deep desert spaces hampers the touristic attractiveness. The tremendous improvements in ITC lead to smart applications very appropriate to these large spaces and cities in desert landscape. Solar energy is appropriate in isolated place not connected with the grid.  Etc.
Main features:
 Smarter Cities, telemedicine, University based on Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC), car-sharing, geolocation, e-administration … are solutions for long distance and isolated livings.
 No more housing northern type but modernization of a Sahara’s architecture ;  urban planning energy efficient, using solar energy and car sharing …
 Settlements along the water pipeline from Ain Salah to Tamanrasset and facilities at cross roads of cattle trails, check points at border crossings in order to keep a better control
 A new water pipeline from Deb Deb for the irrigation of arable lands around Bordj Omar Driss
 Public Private Partnerships with oil and gas companies or miners in order to optimize the local economy
 Installations de chauffe-eaux solaires, de centrales photovoltaïques, voire  de centrales CSP
 Modernization of roads, better airlines services with a hub near the New Town of  Hassid-Messaoud,
 …