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Amazing french tech

Welcome to the age of the French Tech

This is no sci-fi movie: French start-ups are developing the ground-breaking technology of tomorrow today. The proof is in the design!

The French Tech augmented person is made of head-to-toe French innovation:

  • Smart Me Up is real-time face recognition software that can read as many facial features as the human eye, gathering data on gender, age, head angle, position of the iris, and even emotions.
  • The Sound Labs 3D audio headset offers an immersive real-life 360° sound environment.
  • Immersis, developed by start-up Catopsys, brings the virtual reality experience into your living room. It converts video from your television set into life-size 180° and 360° projections.
  • The Wandercraft exoskeleton is designed for the mobility-impaired. It enables wheelchair users to stand up, sit down, remain upright and walk at a normal pace without the need for assistance or crutches.
  • The Belty fitness belt, developed by Emiota, is wearable tech that self-adjusts for optimal comfort as you move and change position throughout the day.
  • The Activité Pop connected watch, developed by Withings, monitors physical activity to generate precise data on the wearer’s sleep patterns or the number of steps they take in a day.
  • The InMoovHand bionic hand was created by Gaël Langevin for amputee Nicolas Huchet using 3D printing, standard components, and open source software, making this prosthetic hand accessible to low-income users.
  • The Melomind relaxation headset created by My Brain Tech measures the cerebral activity naturally generated by your neurons. The data is sent to your mobile application which synthesises relaxing music tailored to your mental state.
  • Smart shoes that are wearable and stylish? Mission accomplished. GlaglaShoes insoles incorporate a pedometer, calorie counter, GPS and even a foot warmer.
  • Mensia Technologies harnesses recent breakthroughs in cognitive research with pioneering devices that evaluate and hone the capabilities of the conscious and unconscious mind, and can be used treat certain cerebral conditions.
  • Augment is a mobile application that allows the user to view 3D models in augmented reality. The life-size image appears as part of the user’s surroundings.
  • The Novitact connected wristband uses sensory communication as an alternative to oral or visual communication. Buttons on the wristband are pushed to send messages. The intensity, duration and cadence of the pulsations can be varied, making the messages easy to read.
  • The artificial heart developed and produced by Carmat mimics the shape and vital functions of the human heart. It offers a state-of-the-art, reliable medical solution to cardiac patients not eligible for a transplant, who have exhausted all drug treatment options.
  • Cityzen Sciences develops fabrics fitted with micro-sensors to monitor the vital signs of athletes, professional or amateur. They generate data on temperature, heart rate and speed, and are equipped with GPS.
  • Hikob develops wireless data-capturing systems. These standalone, out-of-the-box solutions can be used to observe and measure road traffic, track motion and vibrations in infrastructure, or monitor industrial machinery.
  • Brittany-based Optinvent develops augmented reality eyewear. These smart glasses superimpose digital images across the entire field of vision.