Partner with French companies in Healthcare sectors

Map of the french competitiveness clusters


The competitiveness cluster policy aims to create synergy between companies, public and private research units and teaching facilities, in order to establish working relationships which develop an environment of cooperation and promote partnerships within innovative projects. Researchers and business enterprises are mobilized, within a public/private sector partnership, to work on new projects, resulting in innovative advances, economic efficiency and job creation, and which should enable those
players involved to attain leading positions in their field. It is a part of French efforts to reach 3% of research and development expenses in the GDP, in accordance with the European Lisbon strategy.

In the field of biotechnologies and health related industries, seven clusters have been selected, covering important fields such as cancer, infectious diseases, vaccines, diagnosis, medical devices and imaging, therapeutic innovations, ageing, nutrition issues.

The synergy created in the field of biotechnologies and health related technologies has lead to 120 funded innovation projects at the end of 2010 of which more than 50% are managed by SME.

The global funds invested both by the government and the local authorities reach, at this stage, more than 220 million euros, for a global R&D budget of 460 million euros.