Partner with French companies in Healthcare sectors



A professional organisation at the heart of its environment

Snitem was set up in 1987 and is the leading professional organisation to represent the greater part of the medical device and the Healthcare Information and Communication Technology (Healthcare ICT) industries. It draws together more than 250 companies, many of which are SMEs.

At national level, it is the organisation that ministers’private staff, public services and Parliament liaise with and refer to.

As such, it is represented in a wide range of authorities and sits on decision-making and/or advisory committees:

_ Board of the ANSM (former Afssaps);
_ The Afssaps national medical devices health safety committee (Cnssdm);
_ The Afssaps Committee in charge of Monitoring Advertising for Objects, Equipment and Methods regarded as beneficial for health;
_ The French National Authority for Health’s National Committee for the Evaluation of Medical Devices and Health Technologies (CNEDiMTS);
_ High Council on the Future of Health Insurance (HCAAM);
_ Solidarity Fund for Retaining Autonomy (CNSA) Technical Aid Cost Observatory;
_ Central Bureau for Medical Pricing;
_ Strategic Council for the Healthcare Industry;
_ And others

Snitem is a member of three of the federations belonging to the MEDEF (French Business Confederation):

  • FIM: The Federation of Mechanical Engineering Industries
  • FIEEC: The French Federation of Electrical, Electronics and Communications Industries
  • FEFIS: The French Federation of Healthcare Industries. This federation is an umbrella for the main professional organisations in the healthcare industry. It is a permanent member of the Medef’s Executive Committee.

At European level, Snitem is a member of EUCOMED1, COCIR²and EUROM VI3.
¹ Eucomed:a European association bringing together national associations and companies in the medical technology sector
² Cocir:European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry
³ Eurom: European Federation of Precision, Mechanical and Optical Industries - Group VI: medical technology

Our missions 

Snitem’s missions are defined in accordance with its statutes. They may also stem from matters of priority linked to current events or be defined by the General Meeting or the Board too.

In accordance with the applicable rules of law, particularly competition law, Snitem’s main missions are to inform, to support and to federate, but also:

_ to organise the nationwide grouping of companies working in the market of products or services which come under the Medical Technology, Medical Device and Healthcare ICT industries;

_ to examine and defend the economic and industrial interests of its members and to represent them, both in France and abroad, in dealings with the authorities and with any public or private organisations, Chambers of Commerce and other industrial, commercial or professional groups;

_ to study any matters of economic, professional and technical nature relating to the Medical Technology, Medical Device and Healthcare ICT industries;

_ to develop and maintain, among its members, respect for the general interests of the Profession as well as good relations between fellow members and impeccable commercial propriety.