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Nutrition health longevity cluster

NHL Cluster

Response to major health issues Innovative drugs and new foods!

Obesity, diabetes, hypertension, alzheimer’s disease, etc… Metabolic disorders linked to ageing, improper diet and sedentary lifestyle call for innovative responses. Here is the challenge taken on by the Nutrition Health Longevity Cluster.
The cluster’s strategy combines prevention and treatment of pathologies linked to diet and ageing : therapeutic molecules, ingredients and health foods, medical devices as well as public health strategies are many of the innovative responses provided by the Cluster’s research projects.
At the crossroads of new medical, scientific and industrial strategies, internationally renowned agri-food actors (from the ingredient to the finished product), innovative biotech companies and academic research work closely on:

• the prevention , the diagnostic and the treatment of cardio-vascular and metabolic diseases and neuro-degenerative pathologies linked to diet and ageing
• the development of innovative therapeutic solutions and functional ingredients and food.

Collaborative projects:

The Nutrition Health and Longevity Cluster is a major vector for intensifying relations between academic and private research.
About 177 R&D projects have already been approved, thus reaching a global amount of 343.5 million euros of investments.

Some examples of R&D themes

• Formulation and development of functional food and ingredients,
• Identification then validation of new biological targets,
• Selection of molecules likely to act on such targets,
• Extraction and purification of natural active compounds to integrate into a food, ingredient or drug,
• Developing and improving suitable preventive practices....