Partner with French companies in Healthcare sectors



Global center of excellence in vaccines and diagnostics, Lyonbiopole aims at boosting innovation to strengthen the companies’ competitiveness in the healthcare sector and to enhance the attractiveness of the Rhône-Alpes Region, mainly between Lyon and Grenoble. It gathers more than 100 members, from which 4 industrials founders as Becton Dickinson (BD), bioMérieux, Merial and Sanofi-Pasteur.


Lyonbiopole, a World Center of Excellence in Diagnostics and Vaccines

Lyonbiopole is one of France’s 7 worldclass competitiveness clusters since November 2005. Its President is Philippe Archinard, CEO of Transgene, supported by a board of ten members which includes world’s premier firms such as Sanofi Pasteur, bioMérieux, Merial, BD, high potential SMBs (Alizé Pharma, ImmunID) and centers of excellence (CEA, Aviesan, Lyon University and the Mérieux Foundation). Lyonbiopole aims to manage human and animal infectious diseases and cancers in a global approach in order to meet public healthcare needs by:

• Building a “healthcare shield” to fight human and animal infectious diseases and cancers,
• Developing innovative diagnostics, preventive and therapeutic solutions and delivery systems for more responsive and personalized medicine.

Lyonbiopole is built on the distinctive knowhow of Lyon and Grenoble in the Rhône-Alpes region, an alliance between industrial biology, structural biology and micro and nano-technology. It promotes a major R&D network of 2,000 researchers in infectious
diseases (half in the private sector, half in public research) and 4,000 researchers in micro and nanotechnologies including 300 specialized in healthcare applications.

Lyonbiopole: a booster for an Innovation and Knowledge based Economy

The cluster’s founding members and partners have designed Lyonbiopole as a “factory” for producing multi-partner R&D projects as well as a means to link the industrial and academic spheres and bring them closer together.
Indeed, Lyonbiopole can put you in contact with strategic partners or integrate you in already existing collaborations for the development of vaccines / new biotherapies, diagnostics / theranostics and drug delivery systems in the field of infectious diseases, immune disorders and cancers.
Since 2005, Lyonbiopole has accredited 129 multi-partner R&D projects for a total € 611 million of which € 248 million have been obtained from the French State, the local authorities, the European Community and OSEO.

Lyonbiopole, a global resource for growth and competitiveness of biotech companies

Lyonbiopole supports companies to:

• Develop their network and identify strategic partners;
• Innovate and set up R&D projects;
• Gain access to public and private financing;
• Development of their activity (internationalization, business development, etc.);
• Settle their activity in fully equipped platform of excellence (BSL 2/3 labs, biomanufacturing, bioanalyses, etc.);
• Access to equipped platform of excellence such as the Infectious Diseases Center, open in April 1st, 2009.

In 2012: 23 members of Club Bio Biz Dev, a network of 30 private investors, 25 SMBs supported on EU through 1 European Technological Partnership Program, 46 outside EU through 6 international missions and 1 International Technological Partnership Program, 1 permanent representative in China, 21 European and International partners, partner of 2 European projects: bioXclusters and CASyM.