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Cancer Bio Santé

Cancet Bio Santé

In the context of French Governement initiative to create competitiveness clusters, the Cancer-Bio-Sante cluster was formally approved on july 12th 2005. Cancer-Bio-Sante cluster is the only French cluster totally dedicated to innovation in the field of cancer.
The cluster was created to help more than 200 companies in Midi-Pyrénées and Limousin regions, in collaboration
with research laboratories, cancer centers, and hospitals to develop innovative products in the field of cancer treatment and care.
Cancer-Bio-Sante, which is multidisciplinary operates on a wide ranging approach from prevention (food/environment related risk factors)to diagnostic, therapy, followup and home care.
Since 2005 Cancer-Bio-Santé cluster has accredited 138 multi-partner R&D projects. 74 projects have been financed for a total amount of €217 million of which €90 million have been obtained by public funds.

Cancer-Bio-Sante cluster’s main topics

• Prevention by food related-risk factors
• Therapeutic drugs and diagnostic
• Medical devices and innovative technologies
• Telemedicine and e-health

A strategic regional convergence of stakeholders
The area covered by the cluster includes major cities such as Toulouse, Albi, Castres, Mazamet and Limoges. The  oncopole of Toulouse, a 2 200 000 sq ft, will be dedicated to the fight against cancer, combining and integrating both
research institutions and industry:

• A comprehensive cancer research consortium: at the University Cancer Institute, priority shall be given to research and innovation in the fight against cancer by grouping patient care, fundamental research, technology transfer and innovation on the same site (754 000 sq. ft., 312 beds, 300 million euros investment, End of work : end of 2013).

• A public research institute which aims to become a leading international authority on cancer research (140 000 sq. ft. of laboratories, 300 researchers, end of work : end of 2013).

• The Institute for advanced life Science technologies and Centre Pierre Potier, a multidisciplinary life sciences research institute, and a business incubator dedicated to life science startups (54 000 sq. ft. for interdiscilinary research project focusing on innovative bio/nano technologies, 13 million euros investment. Open in 2009).

• A welcome and multi-service center (140 000 sq.ft.of facilities, a hotel complex, a business center, arrival of Cancer-Bio-Sante cluster in the multi-service center, open in 2010).

• Major pharma companies such as Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, Sanofi ,GlaxoSmithKline.

Top-level research

Midi-Pyrénées is one of the leading regions in Europe for Research and Development. Two thousand people are involved in R&D in the public sector and 1,650 in the private sector. They work for three public sector scientific and technical institutions (CNRS, INSERM and INRA), four Universities (Toulouse I, II and III, plus the INPT), several advanced specialized schools (INSA, Ecole des Mines d’Albi-Carmaux, ENVT, EI Purpan, ESCT etc.), science complexes (EFS, CRT-CRITT Bioindustries, IPBS, IMRCP, RMN etc.), the University Teaching Hospitals of Toulouse and Limoges, and the Claudius Regaud Institute etc...

A dense industrial network

Midi-Pyrénées encourages innovative and start-up companies, particularly in the sectors of health (230 companies, 9,000 jobs), biotechnology (63 companies including 36 start-ups), pharmaceuticals (8,000 jobs), health foods (30 companies, 1,100 jobs) and information technology (2,100 companies, 14,000 jobs). This dynamic is supported by highly federative structures such as Midi Pyrénées expansion, Limousin expansion and Ariège expansion (the economic Development agencies), Biomedical Alliance, incubators such as Prologue Biotech, Incubator Midi Pyrénées and CAP Delta as well as the Communities of towns such as SICOVAL, Toulouse Metropole and la Communauté d’agglomération de Castres-Mazamet.